Welcome to BLOOM360 program

In today’s technology driven society, a 10 year old child steps into a never ending race,


a race with no checkered flag to finish,
a race with infinite hurdles to cross,
a race to succeed.
 It is critical for a child to be resolute in any situation and ensure the chosen path leads to success coupled with future ownership.


Bloom360 program is propelled by a unique approach focused on 360-degree development of a child, encompassing conceptual knowledge, life skills and social awareness.


  • improvE conceptual knowledge
  • provide approach to career PLANNING
  • improve life and survival skills
  • ENHANCE social awareness
  • LEARNING in-line with child’s psychology



About the program

Bloom360 is a beyond books program to compliment school education and enhance pervasive development of every child.

It’s a new approach to education meticulously designed with focus on multiple essential facets of life.

And the best part – it’s complete integrated with school curriculum.



PENCIL’s effectiveness

A curriculum designed to be as effective as PENCIL’s sharpness and ensure 360 degree bloom of every child.

P – Practical approach

E – Enhance skillsets

N – Nurture thought process

C – Creative thinking

I – Interesting curriculum

L – long Lasting learning

VOWELS advantage

“_D_C_T_ _N” as a word holds no meaning, but with the inclusion of vowels, this transforms into the most powerful word across the globe – EDUCATION.

An approach to education with vowels advantage

E – Exposure to future

U – Utility of subjects

A – Awareness about the society

I – Insights of the concepts

O – Objective view


Highlights of Bloom360 program


Bloom360 is an initiative to impart complete education within the purview of the school’s regular schedule.

  • Distinct from other schools
  • Redefining standards of education
  • Ensuring every child blooms
  • Building a future-ready generation
  • Delivering consistent results


This program is to celebrate unique talents of every child with focus on:

  • Career planning
  • Personal skills enhancement
  • Societal awareness
  • Principles ethical living
  • Developing a cultural outlook

About Us

Bloom360 is a new approach to education originated from intellectual consortium of experts of varied domains.
Renowned Educationists and Child Psychology Experts
Industry Professionals and Advisory Team