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Every school is instituted with the noble thought of spreading good education and empowering the society. But, with the society undergoing a major shift in every aspect today, especially culturally, we are witnessing critical gaps which need to be addressed immediately.

With many institutions adopting latest techniques of education, the standard of education has shifted from text books to technology based classrooms. But, the gaps in imparting quality education still remain and are having significant impact on the child, parents and society at large.

BLOOM360 program was founded by SIDDHI INNOVATIONS to ensure such critical gaps in education are addressed and a pervasive, 360-degree-education is rendered to every child.


Why Us?


Siddhi Innovations was formed by a team of individuals coming from families of teachers and and are adept at the art of good teaching.


Our approach of better education covers every aspect of today and prepares the child for tomorrow’s demands. The four pillars on which our highly-innovative BLOOM360 program stands strong are:


  • Renowned educationists, who have pioneered in imparting best education across twin cities for over 30years
  • Child psychology experts, who have been counseling children for more than 15 years
  • Industry professionals, who have steered themselves to success and have sound knowledge about the trends in the industry
  • Advisory team, who have rendered their services for more than 50 years collectively and are willing to provide expert guidance, which makes them a great asset as we believe in “old is always gold”




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